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Thu 19 - Sat 28 August 2021 Clowdr Platform

ESEC/FSE ’21 is Running

ESEC/FSE ’21 invites you to participate in its first-ever virtual run event. Join us from 25-27 August 2021 AOE in a virtual run of 5 km.

Why run?

Usually, we will meet in-person celebrating together as a community. Since we will not be seeing each other in-person for quite some time, let us show our community spirit virtually. Moreover, it is good to get some exercise now that we are spending most of our time in front of a computer.

What to do?

Three simple steps:

Before the event,
1 - Register yourself for the event by filling this designated form.

If you forget, don’t worry. You can join later too.

During the event,
2 - Track your run: Use any GPX tracking device. GPX can be tracked on your phone using applications (e.g., RunKeeper and Strava) or watches such as Fitbit and Apple Watch.

3 - Share your route (GPX) on RaceMap using this link.

4 - Share your selfie on Twitter with the hashtag #esecfse21isRunning. Throughout the conference week we will be sharing the best selfies and stats about the race (e.g., fastest runner).

Check out the map with all runners here.

Have questions? Contact the co-chairs: Luis Cruz and Ayushi Rastogi.

Questions? Use the ESEC/FSE Virtual Run contact form.