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Mon 23 - Fri 27 August 2021 Athens, Greece

Becoming a new faculty member at a university or college is challenging due to the number of roles a faculty member plays and the lack of preparation for these roles. Moreover, doctoral training most likely has not prepared the new faculty member for much beyond how to conduct research themselves and, perhaps, how to teach topics that are close to their research area. The pandemic and recent events have caused changes that will not fade away with the vaccine—online and hybrid learning and conferences, remote mentoring and networking, increased focus on diversity and inclusion. The great news is that most faculty members transcend all these challenges and feel they have a most rewarding, intellectually stimulating, and flexible career, and they don’t want to retire! The goals of the FSE 2021 New Faculty Symposium (NFS) are to help new Software Engineering faculty members launch a successful career and manage the challenges while feeling joy in their life as a faculty member.

The 2021 offering of FSE’s NFS will build on the successful formula of prior symposia by connecting prospective and junior faculty with experienced faculty members. The symposium will provide plenty of time for informal interaction and will facilitate conversations with a series of short talks covering a broad range of issues faced by faculty members as well as interactive breakout sessions whether the symposium is in person, hybrid or virtual. The symposium will offer the opportunity to get to know some experienced faculty and other new faculty in software engineering that will become part of your network.

The symposium is open to anybody holding a junior faculty position in any academic institution.

Questions? Use the ESEC/FSE New Faculty Symposium contact form.